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Iran Sarie International freight Forwarding Company is amongst renowned companies in the field of international transportation, which played a significant role in distributing and handling consignments and goods for exports and imports over the past three decades, both for public and private sectors in the country. Drawing upon extensive experience and using the benefit of ground transportation fleet, and also having dedicated agency in Germany, the company has a high capacity in purchasing and transporting export/import products, especially from European countries. Successful cooperation with many large private and public companies, including; IKCO, Sarcheshmeh Copper Complex, 1&1 group and … is available in forwarding and carrying resume of Iran Sarie International freight Forwarding Co. It is our pleasure to be on your side as a collaborator or consultant

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Arian Intl. Transport&Trade GmbH

Iran Sarie International freight Forwarding Co. has provided a special opportunity for Iranian business centers to take benefit from a dedicated agency of this company in Germany Entitled “Arian Co.” which is active in two fields; international transportation and trading. Using the advantage of specialists, Arian Co. provides you with the possibility of purchasing products,  Industrial machinery, and even production lines, Storage and transportation of goods, which all brings a significant reliability and speed to your international production and trade


Shipment of Import/Export cargo via truck from Iran to all European countries


Issuance of all international instruments for transportation, the FBL bill of lading, CMR, and international shipping insurance.

Big projects

Transit cargo shipment (bulk and container) from sea ports of all over the world to Iran and vice versa

Various services

Packing, load counting, loading and unloading operations, storage and Insurance

Combined cargo transport (truck, rail, and marine) as D2D

To conduct customs formalities and clearance in customs and ports and all entry/exit borders of Iran

Issuance of all international instruments for transportation, the FBL bill of lading, CMR, and international shipping insurance

Having agencies in all authorized ports and borders

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Maritime Transportation

Shipping partner
Maritime transportation of Import/Export goods, especially from European ports to all Iranian ports, will be done in the least possible time with competitive prices and without intermediaries

Opening business opportunities for you

The possibility of purchasing goods from European countries
Transportation of Import/Export goods using the expertise of highly qualified personnel, procurement and purchasing goods from European countries and forwarding them via ground, maritime, rail, and air or combined cargo transportation

In the service of transporting export and import cargoes

road transportation
Specialized transportation of Import/Export goods via truck from Europe to Iran and other countries in the region